8×10 signed matted prints

11×14 signed matted prints

all prints are matted with an arctic white matte with a black core, the 8×10 and 11×14 sizes refer to the size frame they fit.

8×10 framed print

11×14 framed print

frames are nice wood and come in burgundy, black and brown.


available as cards:

murder of crows,
a wing and a prayer,
bird of pray,
birds on birds,
boob tube,
booby prize,
booby trap,
chicks dig me,
chicks in thongs,
cold boobies,
duck duck goose,
fake boobies,
four abreast,
get real,
happy buddha,
hermit lush,
hoo tooted,
hummers nectar,
iron warbler,
keep dreaming,
metal wood,
mixed doubles,
nice boobies,
nice pad,
peeking duck,
red hats,
row vs wade,
santas elves,
south for winter,
stool pigeon,
sushi again,
the eagle has landed,
to spit or swallow,
true love,
turtle doves,
who’s hoo,
who’s your daddy,
you’re such a brut,
party fowl,
flipping the bird,
free range chicken,
parrot heads,
keeper of secrets,
turkey vultures,
cardinal sin,
t and a,
born in a barn?,
birds and the bees,
blind tasting,
snow birds,
thong birds,
jay walking,
angry birds,
your barn doors open,
crow bar,
does my butt look big,
brother from another mother,
tequila mockingbird

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